Video: Kizhi Interactive 3D Virtual Environment

Check this out! Our video of Kizhi interactive 3D virtual environment which was developed together with CIE (Center for Internet Excellence) in “Karelia ENPI CBC project Smart e-Tourism” project. Stunning place and such a great project!

Cloud Church on Ajankohtainen kakkonen

Cloud Church on Ajankohtainen kakkonen

On November, 2013, Finnish TV “Ajankohtainen kakkonen” made a television program of OULU3D Cloud Church. They started from Haukipudas Vicar Jaakko Kaltakari and us telling how the Cloud Church was invented and progressed to showing the making of live evening service from our office. TV program making was great fun to us and I think the reporter and the cameraman enjoyed the show, too!

Our Cloud Church is a good example of utilizing interactive 3D Internet. Similarly to the Cloud Church, any other place or object can be modelled and similarly to the evening service, any other event can be arranged in the 3D space. We can also create applications to the 3D space: a virtual guide to the museum, virtual sales persons to the virtual stores or students and teachers attending the virtual school with their avatars. And the best part is that we are not limited by long distances in the virtual world, on the contrary, anyone can join from anywhere. What spaces would you like to be modelled into 3D spaces?

Tool for Urban Design

The city of Oulu has a brand new 3D strategy for urban design, decision making and active citizenship purposes. The strategy was created together with Oulu3D Ltd., Uki Arkkitehdit and eVovons Ltd.

Technology already enables reflecting reality in usable and useful ways. We want to make urban design more concrete to decision makers and people living in cities. Our 3D tools makes communication easier and is thus more ecological and economic alternative.

Approximately 30 blocks of Oulu city center have currently been 3D modelled with the goal of creating a virtual 3D city with live services in it. Interactive 3D virtual Oulu will be published later this spring.