Haukipudas Church

The first interactive 3D Cloud Church was born in connection with Haukipudas Church 250th anniversary in spring 2012, as an additional outcome of the anniversary book project. In June 2013, Oulu3D Ltd. hosted the world premiere of live evening service in the Haukipudas Cloud Church. The church Minister, Jaakko Kaltakari, spoke in the evening service with his own avatar and people attended the service with their avatars from their home computers.
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About the Project

Kizhi Island virtual 3D environment was developed with CIE – Center for Internet Excellence at Oulu University. In the 1950s, dozens of historical wooden buildings were moved to the island from various parts of Karelia for preservation purposes. Nowadays, the entire island and the nearby area form a national open-air museum with more than 80 historical wooden structures. The most famous is the Kizhi pogost, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.



OULU 3D Virtual City

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